Should you share your start up idea – YES or NO

One of the many questions that has raised a million eyebrow as to whether an idea should be shared or not across to the world.

While many would be pondering on the question, experts and tech start up enthusiasts suggests that one should not hesitate in expressing the idea.  Create a prototype (Minimum Viable Product) and share it among your closed ones, this would help in knowing whether the idea is good or bad or even whether it is unique.

When an idea is presented before a VC (Venture Capitalist) you would never find them signing any NDA before it is presented to them.

It is important to validate the idea before you go in to actual software development, so one would be thinking how an idea can be validated.

1.Create a prototype

2.Share it among family and friends

3.Get feedback

Once you receive the feedback you would know whether to proceed or not, if you don’t get positive feedbacks you might need to identify or explore new ones. If the feedbacks are positive then:-

1.Passion – Success is about passion, not the unique opportunity. Need to ask a lot of questions yourself and do a plenty of research. All this is possible only with true passion and this is the only thing that would take you across the line.

2.Refining –  Refine the idea and the way to implement it would be based on the initial feedback.

3.Implementation – It is very difficult to copy a great implementation process. Keep in mind the timing of proposing the idea to the world should be appropriate.

4.Get it out there – . In fact, the ideal way would be to get some small (bug free) version out there to get feedback immediately.

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Does good project mean good output.

With the implementation of LPG; liberalization, privatization C2010-657 and globalization and incensing competition, the service industry has boosted up to an unexpected level. Earlier, the industry used to have people assigned to particular tasks but with the growth of technology, expertise in the particular field became a benefit over time.

Success of the business depends upon performance. Organizations are realizing that the critical source of competitive advantage comes from having & managing its people. Hence employees are treated as an asset of the firm.

Intellectual human capital in a volatile work environment C2070-585 proved to be a biggest lifesaver of the companies to stay in the market. With this, the employees have become a big problem as they are becoming more career-oriented and they demand meaningful work with their involvement in the decisions which affect them.

Compensations are what impact an employer’s ability to attract applicants, retain employees, & ensure optimal levels of performance. Thus incentives, rewards, fringe benefits etc come into picture.

It was believed that if company gets a good project then the outcome of the project after completion should be very effective. But with time, it is now understood by the corporate that a project will abide quality output and high productivity with skilled employees and not with huge projects.

If a company holds a very huge project but have workers who are not skilled enough for the tasks and are not motivated enough to work towards the goal then the project won’t fruit desired outcome.

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Challenges in closing a project development (Is the end always the end or a new beginning)

When a project matures and you see it as conclusion of a project, it actually is not closing of the project. It is like an inauguration of a new project. An accomplished project gives ideas of new projects where data can be used as a record for the upcoming projects. Fiscally, it helps in scheming fertility of the project and business. It helps in determining budgets and project estimates for probable projects. A matured project acts as raw material for the subsequent projects. Thus closure of a project is remains a challenge in the industry.

A sapling is planted, nurtured with care, unwearyingly waited to cultivate and then the tree bears flora and sweet fruits.

Conglomerates also operate in an analogous style where the trees are the projects and they are to be given proper assistance and effective resources and expertise. A well accomplished project is the fruit that we avail. And outcome, identification and position of the firm are the fruits of the project.

Projects are the bread and butter of a firm. For a diminutive firm an effective outcome escorts to client generation and growth whereas for a huge company, projects are for revenue generation and brand building. But in both the situations vital component remains to be effective project completion. Projects are stepping stones for firm’s success.

When you begin to see the final tasks coming into focus, it is perceived a signal to ease off of the project team and the project. Thus the project managers are handed all the accountability for the rest of the project without any surveillance. This is where the managers overlook that an accomplished project sets as a point of reference for the imminent projects.

It involves many troubles, hindrances and risks at different levels of the project. Thus, one of the major concerns is project closure and it is rightly said that first and last impression makes an impact.

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Get only what you want through Minimum Viable Product

The are plenty of software, applications available in the internet. Some are designed as a template with add-ons so that it can be modified according to the user’s required specifications. These add-ons not only guzzle the user’s space but can result with plenty of bugs in the software/application. The solution to this subject is to develop only what is essential.The process of designing such software can prove very efficient and expand in popularity pretty fast.

All the above can be effortlessly made accessible when we think of Minimum Viable Product. Making anything compact does not mean chopping off the parameters or reducing the functionality. Making compact is very similar to compilation of several courses and formation of an MVP.

It aims at building just what’s needed to validate the concept. Xminds, a pioneering software group aims to prepare such MVP. It has not only created the user specified software but also has made this a trend of designing such products.

It involves many parallel processes to finalize and publish the MVP. The most important facet for designing involves several iterations. The iterations help to arrive at the best possible and highly responsive product which can help in the customer satisfaction to the fullest.

The MVP provides an ideal platform to gather feedback from the users. Depending on the feedback from the one can make necessary changes to the MVP regularly with new features and updates.

MVP also helps the client to save a lot of money and time .

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